Thursday, January 19, 2012


Today is Thursday, January  19th. My surgery was ten days ago.
  Physically, I feel great. I have no more pain. I do still have some soreness on the main incision but that's it. I have felt like I have a lot more energy and Im ready to start exercising. I called my doctor and asked if I could start Zumba or other things like that. He said that I have to wait until I see him on the 24th and that there's still a lot of healing going on, on the inside. I don't know exactly how much weight Ive lost. I'll post exact numbers after my appointment on Tuesday. Scott was in a cleaning mood a few days ago and he scrubbed down our bathroom, including our He said it was dirty. Well, water was in it and it broke. Poor thing, I know he's trying : ) I went and bought another scale and it's off by a couple pounds compared to my other one. So, I don't know exactly how much weight Ive lost. I know it's slowed down compared to last week. I've also noticed that the secret to seeing the numbers go down on the scale is to DRINK WATER! If I don't drink my water, even if I've had 600 calories, I will barely lose any weight. So, water is so important for weight loss.
  Emotionally, I've felt really good the past couple of days. Instead of everything feeling so different from how I used to be, my new way of life is becoming  normal feeling for me. I've been able to go to Chick fil a with my family and I ordered the chicken noodle soup. I just didn't eat the chicken. I know I'm not ready for that just yet. So, even though they may have all had a CFA sandwich and fries, I was still able to go with them and have something.
   My clothes fit better and maybe that boosted my self esteem. I just know that I feel good, in every way.
  So, that's about it. I haven't hit anymore lows. Im really doing good right now.

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